What We're Reading ~ 6/22/11 ~ market folly

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 6/22/11

Howard Marks & Oaktree's IPO: should you buy? [Barbarian Capital]

Bill Ackman considers IPO in quest for permanent capital [AR + Alpha]

SEC to approve hedge fund registration rule today [FINalternatives]

Hedge funds invest in energy newcomer Vallares [Telegraph]

Is it time to talk a Research In Motion (RIMM) takeover? [WSJ]

7 life lessons from the very wealthy [Washington Post]

Bridgewater's Pure Alpha up 11% this year [Institutional Investor]

Profile on Oaktree's Howard Marks [Bloomberg]

Paulson & Co dumps entire Sino-Forest position [Globe & Mail]

Finding investment treasures in international markets [Vitaliy Katsenelson]

Would you buy this company? [Frank Voisin]

Stocks cheapest in 26 years [Bloomberg]

Technical Analysis: The bear is back & this time it will be much worse [Smart Money Tracker]

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