What We're Reading ~ 8/26/11 ~ market folly

Friday, August 26, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 8/26/11

Our guest post: takeaways from recent hedge fund activity [BigPicture]

Paulson, Tepper, Loeb & other hedgies all bought this stock [Forbes]

Icahn makes $120 million on falling S&P [FINalternatives]

Jeff Ubben buys big during the chaos [Institutional Investor]

Bernanke's speech from today [The Big Picture]

Gold at $1800 is a fool's bet [AR + Alpha]

On getting long Bank of America (BAC) [Bronte Capital]

Interview with George Soros [Der Spiegel]

BlackRock's Fink says buy dividend stocks instead of treasuries [Barron's]

Interview with 105 year old banker Irving Kahn [Daily Beast]

Hedge funds most bearish since 2009 [Bloomberg]

Tudor's new fee structures [WSJ]

Buffett has been buying during downturn [LATimes]

Michael Lewis' latest article [Vanity Fair]

Morning with Charlie Munger transcript [My Investing Notebook]

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