What We're Reading ~ 1/27/12 ~ market folly

Friday, January 27, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 1/27/12

A good performance year for some Tiger Cubs [Institutional Investor]

David Einhorn rapped for insider trading in UK [FINalternatives]

Ken Griffin's Citadel back above high watermark [Dealbreaker]

20 common sense investing rules [Reformed Broker]

Is anyone any good at picking hedge fund managers? [Big Picture]

On why Sears (SHLD) isn't going private [ValuePlays]

Pivot Capital on China's investment boom (& pending bust) [Zero Hedge]

On the value of an independent financial review [Research Puzzle]

Rethinking the equity risk premium [CFA Institute]

The great hedge fund humbling of 2011 [Reuters]

Warren Buffett's apprentice makes strong debut [FinancialPost]

Days of easy money for fund managers are over [Bloomberg]

Federal officials charge 7 in insider probe [WSJ]

Joel Greenblatt assesses his Magic Formula results [Morningstar]

How to conquer a banking job [Salon]

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