What We're Reading ~ 2/9/12 ~ market folly

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 2/9/12

Paulson & Co pushes for Hartford breakup [FINalternatives]

Credit Suisse global investment returns yearbook 2012 [Abnormal Returns]

8% annual return target? Try 4% [World Beta]

How to pick mutual funds [World Beta]

No one is ever wrong anymore [Reformed Broker]

Performance for pay: Is your CIO cost effective? [Skorina Letter]

Tepper protege forges new fund [Absolute Return/Alpha]

Warren Buffett on why stocks beat gold & bonds [Fortune]

Successful short selling: an effective but rare skill [FT]

Endowments slow to recover from 2008 crisis [BostonGlobe]

Goldman says L/S equity should not be ignored [COOConnect]

Estimize: new platform providing buy-side analyst estimates [IBD]

The housing bottom is here [Calculated Risk]

The value trap of deeply cyclical stocks [Institutional Investor]

10 reasons why investing in actively managed funds is a losers game [Stockopedia]

The restaurant investor [MaxCapital]

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