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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guy Gottfried to Speak at Value Investing Congress Next Month

The Value Investing Congress is right around the corner on May 6th and 7th right after Warren Buffett's annual meeting for Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha, Nebraska. It's just been announced that Guy Gottfried of Rational Investment Group will also present investment ideas at the event.

Gottfried's investment idea from last October's Congress is up almost 38% since then. And at last year's spring event, Gottfried pitched an idea that is up 56% since then.

See what his latest investment idea is in Omaha. Market Folly readers receive a $400 discount to the event by clicking here and using code: S12MF3

Gottfried joins the list of other speakers:

- Doug Kass (Seabreeze Partners)
- David Nierenberg (D3 Family Funds)
- Matthew Swaim & Bruce Zessar (Advisory Research)
- Keith Trauner & Larry Pitkowsky (GoodHaven Capital)
- Thomas Russo (Gardner Russo & Gardner)
- Aaron Edelheit (American Home Real Estate)
- Douglas Grey (Saddle Peak Asset Management)
- Robert Robotti & Isaac Schwartz (Robotti & Co)
- Albert Yong & Chan Lee (Petra Capital)
- Whitney Tilson & Glenn Tongue (T2 Partners)

If you're planning on going to Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway meeting, knock out two great investing gatherings in one trip and network with tons of other investors. Don't forget the $400 discount for Market Folly readers with code: S12MF3

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