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Friday, April 6, 2012

Passport Capital Sees "Major Retrenchment in Risk Assets": Latest Portfolio Changes

Passport Capital founder John Burbank recently sent out a letter to investors updating their macro views.

Despite being net short, their Passport Global fund is up 4.1% for the year. Their neutrally-exposed Long/Short fund has returned 7.5% and their net long Special Opportunities fund is up 12.9% for the year.

Burbank writes, "I have strong conviction about our current positioning - perhaps as strong as I have ever felt in the 11+ years that I have been running Passport Capital. Simply put, I believe that the current market environment is setting up for a major retrenchment in risk assets and we are well positioned to benefit from this."

Just a month ago, Burbank made an appearance and said that 2012 is a stockpicker's market.

Passport Capital's Main Views

They feel that Central Bank liquidity has merely boosted prices but has done nothing else constructive. Burbank believes that deflation is the real risk (see the best investments during deflation). The hedge fund also takes the stance that equity markets are misconstruing economic growth in the developed world.

Passport feels a recession is coming in 2012 or early 2013 in the US. They note that average equity declines during recessions is 40%, though even a 20% decline would take the market back to the October 2011 lows.

Burbank's Portfolio Changes

In late 2011, they reduced portfolio illiquidity and have been selling into strength in the equity markets as of late. They've also boosted hedges and shorts "less to reduce net exposure and more to add idiosyncratic risk aligned with our negative economic view."

Burbank's firm also bought more physical gold and also started a position in Brent Crude Oil. These are both plays on increasing Central Bank liquidity. You'll recall that John Paulson originally started his gold fund as a bet against the US dollar as well.

Passport has also started a position in mortgage backed securities which they believe to "have the potential to deliver high risk-adjusted yield irrespective of equity market valuations." Additionally, they initiated a positive-carry position in deflationary rates trade (3yr1yr) which they feel will benefit from either the Fed holding short-term rates low or a risk-off period.

Saudi Equities Most Compelling

Passport has their single largest equity allocation to Saudi equities. Even though that market is up 23% year-to-date, they feel that "Saudi equities constitute the best single asymmetric equity market we can find."

For more coverage on this hedge fund, we've highlighted why Passport likes Marathon Petroleum as well as their rational for owning Liberty Interactive.

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