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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Marc Lasry on Opportunities in Distressed Debt

Avenue Capital's chairman and founder Marc Lasry was on Bloomberg TV yesterday giving an interview where he talked about investing in European debt.  He also said investors should focus on the the world's largest economy, the US, rather than China.  He's been focused on homebuilders and on the energy side, mainly focusing on senior secured.

He talked about raising $3 billion for a special situations fund to invest in European debt.  He argues that you need a lockup with that money because these situations are going to take years to play out.  Here's the video:

The hedge fund manager also touched on his distressed focus, noting that while others might think he's taking on a lot of risk, he doesn't believe so since he often deals with senior secured debt.

He mentioned how he learned a lot from David Bonderman.  One of the best lessons he learned is: "there's a difference between what the perception is and what the actuality is."

He also talked about his love for poker as he regularly hosts games.  Lasry says there's many similarities between investing and poker as the card game is very mathematical.  In the past, we've highlighted the high amount of hedge fund managers that play poker

Embedded below is the other video of Lasry's interview:

For more on his investment niche, head to comments from a hedge fund distressed panel.

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