What We're Reading ~ 5/31/2012 ~ market folly

Thursday, May 31, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 5/31/2012

The holdings hedge funds don't want you to know about [Abnormal Returns]

On hedge funds and hiring [FINalternatives]

Josh Fink's wild hedge fund ride [AR+Alpha]

How Boaz Weinstein outsmarted JPMorgan [NYTimes]

Everyone's jumping into junk bonds [Reformed Broker]

Elliott Management's argument for sale of BMC Software [Dealbook]

Mary Meeker's latest presentation on internet trends [Business Insider]

Timing isn't everything for value investors [WSJ]

How Tim Cook is changing Apple [Fortune]

Why airlines are undervalued [Barrons]

Can Dell turn it around? [Techinsidr]

Analysis: deconstructing Sony [Brooklyn Investor]

For Paul Singer, success lies in humility [Dealbook]

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