What We're Reading ~ 6/6/12 ~ market folly

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 6/6/12

Full text of George Soros' speech on Europe [Business Insider]

Rescuing your investment plan [Covestor]

Thoughts on behavioral finance from Daniel Kahneman [Derek Hernquist]

Seeds being sown of new secular bull market? [Abnormal Returns]

Advice for those working with financial advisors [TheBigPicture] 

Why Macau is lucrative location for gaming companies [Trefis]

The biggest stock bargain in Europe? [SmartMoney]

Moving back into the mortgage market [AR+Alpha]

Why Starbucks' bakery purchase is brilliant [Herb Greenberg]

A Greek contrarian opportunity? [SumZero]

Lansdowne bets on Italian & Greek stocks [Bloomberg]

Investors leery of Paulson's big gold bet [NYPost]

An interesting assessment of Transocean (RIG) [SeekingAlpha]

Why value investing is for grown-ups [CBS]

Inside the death of Palm and webOS [The Verge]

Sellside note on Salesforce.com (CRM) [William Blair]

Michael Lewis' commencement speech [Princeton]

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