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Friday, June 29, 2012

What We're Reading ~ Investment Process Edition

One ratio to rule them all: EV/EBITDA [Gannon & Hoang on Investing]

Avoiding unforced errors in investing [Abnormal Returns]

15 great investor quotes [BigPicture]

Four real-world investing rules that should be taught in school [Minyanville]

What can I do to become a better analyst in the future? [Reddit]

Screening for the 10 best-performing companies [Motley Fool]

Lazard: Countercyclical finance play? [Brooklyn Investor]

Jeff Ubben sees upside at Halliburton [Institutional Investor]

Interview w/ Tom Russo: The path to global brand investing [Barron's]

Taking a look at Chevron [Turnkey Analyst]

A guide to managing risk [Seeking Alpha]

Activist value investing: be your own change agent [Aswath Damodaran]

Reducing risk with concentration and diversification [Royce Funds]

Industry case study: Why newspapers were doomed all along [Harvard Biz Review]

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