What We're Reading ~ 7/12/12 ~ market folly

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 7/12/12

7 factors to watch for a slowing economy [Big Picture]

Recession risk in perspective [Capital Spectator]

10 reasons to like stocks for the second half of the year [Reformed Broker]

Tiger Global leads outperforming funds this year [Institutional Investor]

Hedge fund withdrawals highest since 2009 [HedgeWorld]

The strange takeover limbo of CVR Energy [Dealbook]

Kyle Bass' timing on Japan is a little off [Institutional Investor]

Are hedge funds burning investors? [Pension Pulse]

The challenges in hedging tail risk [Dealbook]

Longacre co-founder plans spinoff [WSJ]

Paolo Pellegrini caught in Paulson's fund slide [WSJ]

Bruce Berkowitz bounces back after rough 2011 [WSJ]

SAC's Cohen starts reinsurer for capital [Bloomberg]

Bank fees squeeze retailers [WSJ]

Square: the mega-disrupter everyone wants to be in [PandoDaily]

On Microsoft's downfall [Vanity Fair]

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