What We're Reading ~ 7/3/12 ~ market folly

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 7/3/12

3 mega caps with big value to be unlocked [Economic Musings]

The case for shorting Conns [Enterprising Investor]

Stocks that UBS clients are short [Business Insider]

How hedge funds analyze earnings calls [IR Web Report]

Hedge fund manager skill is misperceived [aiCIO]

Hedge fund boost bets against the euro [Reuters]

Tudor opens first macro hedge fund in a decade [Bloomberg]

The digital wallet's future is now [TheStreet]

Focus on how not to lose money [AAII]

Investment management fees are higher than you think [CFA Institute]

Simon Lack responds to AIMA's hedge fund cheerleading [AR+Alpha]

Kodak investor forms shareholder committee [PR]

5 mega trends shaping tomorrow's customers [BBC]

The smart money is on big data [All Things D]

25 stocks for the long haul [CNNMoney]

Player folds quad 8's at World Series of Poker [WSOP]

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