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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 8/1/12

The Family Office Book [Richard Wilson]

Blue Ridge Capital alum Rick Gerson launches fund [Dealbook]

Poison pen: a look at Dan Loeb's latest chapter [WSJ]

Louis Bacon plans to return $2 billion to investors [Dealbook]

On investing in insurers [Aleph Blog]

Hedge funds build on mortgage gains ]AR+Alpha]

A write-up on Amazon (AMZN) [Bigger Capital]

Another interesting take on Amazon [Kid Dynamite]

Why a fund manager changed his mind on Microsoft [Bronte Capital]

Selling strategy and psychological effects [Old School Value]

Average investors poised to bite into hedge funds [Reuters]

RadioShack as a net-net? [Oddball Stocks]

Explanation of rogue algorithm in trading today [PreMarketInfo]

The Investment Checklist [.PDF]

On lottery arbitrage [Mass.gov]

A beekeeper's perspective on risk [Harvard Biz Review]

Twitter launches clickable stock symbols [Techcrunch]

Manchester United IPO Q&A [ESPN]

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