What We're Reading ~ 8/23/12 ~ market folly

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 8/23/12

New free weekly investment research [The Idea Farm]

Why doesn't Carl Icahn want CVR Energy anymore? [Dealbreaker]

Elliott Management: if you own US debt sell it now [ZeroHedge]

Pensions' fifty favorite hedge funds [aiCIO]

Influential adviser's "A-list" hedge funds [NYPost]

Matt Grossman's Plural Investments to liquidate [AR+Alpha]

Irving Kahn on how to play the market [BusinessWeek]

Lie detection for investment professionals [CFAInstitute]

The untold story of municipal bond defaults [NYFed]

Why AIG is still the market's scariest stock [Fortune]

The man who saved AIG [Barrons]

Tiger Asia to return client money [Bloomberg]

Vanguard's John Bogle is too worried to rest [NYTimes]

GameStop (GME) buyout? Not likely [ValuePlays]

Returns for brand-name venture capital funds [Fortune]

Naming Jon Corzine's hedge fund (see also how to name your hedge fund) [Fortune]

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