What We're Reading ~ 9/12/12 ~ market folly

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 9/12/12

A broader definition of alpha [Abnormal Returns]

Notes from John Paulson's investor call [Reformed Broker]

Carl Icahn threatens Navistar board with proxy fight [Value Walk]

Tragedy of European Union & how to resolve it [George Soros]

Investment manager common missteps when meeting potential investors [HedgeWorld]

GMO: Death of equities greatly exaggerated [Guru Investor]

Hedge funds cleared to advertise under SEC proposal [BusinessWeek]

9 great quotes from George Soros [Ivanhoff Capital]

A defense of the hedge fund industry. Really. [CSMonitor]

Maverick Capital strategist Galbraith announces exit [FINalternatives]

Treasury cuts AIG stake below 50% [Dealbook]

The well known story of municipal bond defaults [Self Evident] 

Hedge funds are betting on disaster [CNNMoney]

Tiburon Research's report on retail sales [Retail Geeks]

Julian Robertson once offered Mitt Romney a job at Tiger [NYTimes]

Funny photo: Ben Bernanke as a child

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