What We're Reading ~ 9/19/12 ~ market folly

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 9/19/12

Starboard Value takes activist stake in Office Depot [Dealbreaker]

The JOBS act will have minimal impact on hedge funds [ValueWalk]

Active management and personal responsibility [Abnormal Returns]

Hedge funds have been punished for being too defensive [PragCap]

Throwback: the hedge fund fantasy football league [Reformed Broker]

A family is not a portfolio [All About Alpha]

The David Einhorn effect [WSJ]

A pitch on AIG [Alpha Vulture]

Profile on Magnetar Capital's Alec Litowitz [AR+Alpha]

Vodafone's crown jewel [MicroFundy]

You'll get crushed shorting FairPoint Communications [AR+Alpha]

Hedge fund association asks for clear rules on verifying investor accreditation [Herald]

Q&A with Wilbur Ross [The Deal]

Investors turn to hedge funds for larger advice role [ManagedFunds]

How Jeff Boyd took Priceline from dot-bomb to highflier [Fortune]

A review of the new Richard Gere movie Arbitrage [Detroit Free Press]

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