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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Julian Robertson on What Stocks He Likes Now: Interview

Tiger Management founder Julian Robertson made his rare television appearance for the year on CNBC yesterday and talked about how now is a time to put money to work in the market.

He thinks the economy and overseas worries are having a big effect on investors.  So many investors are frightened about Asia and Europe that they've almost "lost their way" without realizing that many great companies are trading at great prices.

He feels that this market is good for hedge funds because their namesake allows them to hedge against uncertainty and these potential risks.  However, he worries that some managers have hedged too much and they won't benefit unless there's a big fallout in the world economy.

What Stocks Robertson Likes

Robertson cited Apple (AAPL) as great company trading at a great value, something he says rarely happens.  He said, "Apple is now probably somewhere around 14-15 times next year's earnings, it's very, very reasonable for the kind of growth you can get."

Facebook (FB) was another stock Robertson mentioned as he likes the social media exposure and admires Mark Zuckerberg.  However, he does not "really know enough about the stock" to own a position.  He cited "younger people" that he's in partnership with as having owned Facebook early on back when it was private.  We'd assume he's referring to Chase Coleman's Tiger Global.

Robertson says he's looking for great companies and he's invested in a European airway company: Ryanair (RYAAY) as they're the low-cost provider.  He also likes Rolls Royce (LON:RR or RYCEY on the pink sheets) because many people see it as a luxury automobile when in reality it is a great supplier to the aerospace and other industries.  Steve Mandel's Lone Pine Capital has been an owner of Rolls Royce.

In terms of financials, Robertson cited Capital One (COF) and Ocwen Financial (OCN).  The latter, he says,  is a mortgage servicing company that he thinks has a lot going for them.

Robertson argues that steel companies AK Steel (AKS), US Steel (X), etc are overvalued and we'd need to see the economy really takeoff to warrant those multiples.

Embedded below is the video of Julian Robertson's interview:

For more on this legendary investor, head to Julian Robertson's thoughts on the hedge fund industry past & present as well as his past extensive interview with Columbia Business School.

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