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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Odey Starts Shanta Gold Stake

Cripsin Odey's hedge fund Odey Asset Management has started a new position in London listed Shanta Gold (LON: SHG).  Due to trading on November 14th, Odey Asset Management now hold 6.69% of Shanta's voting rights.  

Per Google Finance, Shanta Gold Ltd "is a Guernsey-based company engaged in gold exploration and gold production investment in Tanzania. The Company's subsidiaries include Shanta Gold Holdings Limited, a holding company; Chunya Gold Holdings Limited; Shanta Mining Company Limited, Mgusu Mining Limited and Nsimbanguru Mining Limited, engaged in exploration and mining; Chunya Resources Limited, and Songea Resources Limited. Shanta Gold Ltd's major shareholders are Aurora, Export Holdings Limited, Lynchwood Nominees Limited and Redmayne (Nominees) Limited, among others."

We've also recently revealed some of Odey's short positions for those interested.

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