What We're Reading ~ 11/14/12 ~ market folly

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 11/14/12

The Oracle Speaks: Warren Buffett In His Own Words [David Andrews]

Cash as trash, cash as king, and cash as a weapon [CFA Institute]

Buffett's latest bargain: Berkshire Hathaway [Barrons]

Charlie Rose talks to Jeremy Grantham [BusinessWeek]

Investing lessons: avoiding the Peter Lynch bias [Charles Sizemore]

See also: Lynch's principles & golden rules of investing [Market Folly]

Ebb and flow of cash plays key role in hedge funds' bets [Reuters]

Keys to successful investing by endowments & foundations [CAIA]

The missing piece: determining when to sell [GuruInvestor]

Another view: When to sell a stock [Gurufocus]

A presentation on investment process [Contrarian Edge]

Hedge fund legends with their humble beginnings [eVestment]

Would you invest Grandma's money in hedge funds? [Absolute Return]

On the future of cable, TV, wireless and more [BusinessInsider]

5 reasons Apple has peaked for real this time [Quartz]

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