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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dan Loeb's Third Point November Exposure Report

Dan Loeb's Third Point Offshore Fund is out with its latest exposure report for November.  They finished the month up 2.9% and sit up 17% year-to-date and manage $10 billion.

Exposure Levels

Loeb's firm reduced net long equity exposure by a noticeable amount.  They went from 44% net long in October down to 38% net long at the end of November.  Their largest sector exposure continues to be tech, media & telecom (primarily due to their large stake in Yahoo).

In credit, Third Point is 27.7% net long, a 1% increase from the month prior.

Third Point's Top Positions

1. Yahoo! (YHOO)
2. Greek Government Bonds
3. American International Group (AIG)
4. Gold
5. Murphy Oil (MUR)

Their top holdings as a group remain unchanged this month, though their GGB and AIG stakes flipped position ranks.

Top Winners & Losers

Third Point's top winners included Greek Government bonds, Yahoo, Delphi (DLPH), Aveta, and Ally Financial (multiple securities held).  Their top losers included AIG, Short A, Short B, Apple (AAPL), and Liberty Global (LBTYA).

Embedded below is Third Point's November exposure report:

Overall, not too many notable changes in Loeb's portfolio aside from the reduction in net long equity exposure.  Head to Third Point's Q3 letter for more color on their positions.

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