What We're Reading ~ 12/12/12 ~ market folly

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 12/12/12

13 insights from Paul Tudor Jones [Ivanhoff Capital]

Barron's favorite stocks for 2013 [Barron's]

The case for Hewlett Packard to be broken up [CNNMoney]

Why spinoff stocks are sizzling [Forbes]

The value gene - Buffett, Klarman and evolution [Graham & Doddsville]

Do hedge funds manipulate stock prices? [WSJ]

Hedge funds fall out of love with equities [CNBC]

SocGen's 2013 global investment outlook [BusinessInsider]

Jeff Gundlach's latest DoubleLine presentation [BusinessInsider]

Hedge fund operations: a manager's view [Prohedge]

Barclays spins off $2b distressed debt fund [HedgeFundIntelligence]

Equity long/short funds capture over 60% of upside during Q3 [Hedgeweek]

Pension funds pulled $6.4b from hedge funds last month [NYPost]

The long case for Xerox [Graham Disciple]

The trail of cases leading to SAC Capital [Dealbook]

The student loan time bomb [Daily Reckoning]

Samsung, Apple & the new age of capital intensity [Asymco]

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