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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What We're Reading ~ 1/9/2013

Fund manager search and selection tips [CFA Institute]

Remembering what's important when it comes to investing [Abnormal Returns]

Latest interview with Jim Chanos [Barrons]

Irving Kahn: The 107-year old stock picker [WSJ]

A profile on fund manager Don Yacktman [Fortune]

Interviews with Marc Lasry & Thomas Wagner [Distressed Debt Investing]

Smart money has many forms [Invanoff]

Leading investment indicators [Above the Market]

How would Buffett invest if he started over today? [Geoff Gannon]

When is a hedge fund not a hedge fund [Market Safari]

On implementing the Peter Lynch approach to stocks [Guru Investor]

Hedge funds going nowhere fast [Economist]

Profile of Ryan Morris, a 28-year old activist investor [BusinessWeek]

A rare interview with Google's Larry Page [Fortune]

A qualitative look at Apple (AAPL) [Brooklyn Investor]

Why Bill Ackman is wrong about Herbalife [Kid Dynamite]

A look at Abbott Labs spinoff Abbvie [Stock Spinoffs]

Amazon: The hidden empire [Scribd]

How TV still made money off the internet [The Atlantic]

Mortgage rates won't get much lower [Fortune]

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