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Friday, February 15, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 2/15/13

Jim Rogers' new book Street Smarts [Jim Rogers]

Bridgewater bets on stock as cash moves into market [Bloomberg]

Is Renaissance Technologies falling off the mark? [II Alpha]

David Tepper unfazed by looming budget cuts [II Alpha]

New fund launches hit pre-crisis high [HFIntelligence]

Hedge funds score big by betting against Yen [WSJ]

JANA-Agrium stage set for proxy fight [Hedgeworld]

Citadel big winner at 2012 Absolute Return awards [HFIntelligence]

Average hedge fund fee significantly lower than reported [HedgeCo]

Billionaire Hughes chasing Blackstone as US rental king [Bloomberg]

Hedge funds lose $14 billion in assets in 2012 [Hedgeweek]

Penny Aitken talks manager selection [FINalternatives]

As gasoline prices soar, hedge fund oil bets near record [Hedgeworld]

Family offices and high net worth investors trickling back into funds [COOConnect]

SAC Capital probe hampered by auto-deleted emails [Bloomberg]

How Connecticut lost a $10 billion hedge fund manager [HedgeCo]

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