What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 3/20/13 ~ market folly

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 3/20/13

What matters more in decisions: analysis or process? [Farnam Street]

The stock market and the economy are two very different animals [Abnormal Returns]

One of the most sentiment-driven rallies ever [Reformed Broker]

A pitch on retailer Coach (COH) [Old School Value]

Walt Disney (DIS): Can ESPN sustain its fee subscriber growth? [Trefis]

A small investors' guide to activist investing [Fool]

When will interest rates rise? [LearnBonds]

Technical tools for helping to identify possible market tops and bottoms [Chris Perruna]

Confirmation bias and the importance of asking "why might I be wrong?" [Incblot]

Why Redfin, Zillow (Z) and Trulia (TRLA) haven't killed off real estate brokers [BW]

This is the future of TV [Quartz]

Is it time to short Canada? [Bonddad]

How to beat Amazon (AMZN), Best Buy (BBY) edition [WSJ]

The scariest statistic about the newspaper business today [The Atlantic]

Short sellers flee the scene [WSJ]

10 signs stocks are about to tumble [Marketwatch]

Should investors be on Twitter? [Felix Salmon]

March madness analytics: blind bracket tool [WSJ]

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