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Friday, April 5, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 4/5/13

Some stock picks from David Einhorn [Portfolios With Purpose]

Lee Cooperman: stocks are the only place to be [HFIntelligence]

Latest interview with short seller Jim Chanos [Salon]

To use a fund of funds or go direct? [HFIntelligence]

Half of hedge funds think their competitors are cheating [WSJ]

Whitebox's Andy Redleaf on surviving to trade another day [HFIntelligence]

Hedge funds are too big to beat the market [CBS]

New launches from ex-Maverick Capital partners [Reuters]

Notes from a panel of respected credit hedge fund managers [UnstructuredFinance]

Boaz Weinstein: don't get too comfortable [HFIntelligence]

Tiger Cubs report a rough Q1 [Institutional Investor]

Ray Dalio's Bridgewater is number 1 in earnings [Institutional Investor]

A hedge fund has been active in LightSquared debt [WSJ]

Investor activism gone wild [NYTimes]

The hedge fund rebound could be short-lived, or not [Quartz] 

Big public pension funds trump hedge fund benchmarks [Pensions & Investments]

Dell buyout was Southeastern's idea [WSJ]

Hard times for Harbinger's Phil Falcone [Alpha]

Some portfolio activity from Danoff's Contrafund [Reuters]

SEC's new social media policy falls short [TermSheet]

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