What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 5/15/13 ~ market folly

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 5/15/13

Meb Faber's new book: Shareholder Yield [Meb Faber]

Explanation of Tepper's chart: Equity risk premium is high (this is bullish) [The Big Picture]

On confirmation bias and the perma-whatevers [Abnormal Returns]

The end is where we start from [Reformed Broker]

On emotional finance [Research Puzzle]

What record profit margins imply for future profitability and the market [Greenbackd]

It's time to fight the Fed [MicroFundy]

The low return of high yield [Contrarian Corner]

Missed Visa and Mastercard? Then keep an eye on this one: Fleetcor (FLT) [Old School Value]

The bull case on Hospira (HSP) [Forbes]

An overview of a hedge fund favorite: Dollar Tree (DLTR) [Aegaia Research]

Time to change the channel on media stocks [CNBC]

On the 'spying' Bloomberg terminals [CNBC]

Will Wall Street's Bloomberg terminal addiction break? [NYMag]

Steelmakers develop new iron recipes [WSJ]

Thoughts on a potential Verizon & Vodafone deal [VODVZ]

Two strategies: The Washington Post vs the NYTimes [Monday Note]

Forget gold, the gourmet cupcake market is crashing [WSJ]

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