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Friday, May 31, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 5/31/13

Proposal of new hedge fund fee structure: 1% and 33% of alpha [Economonitor]

Cohen mulls plans to shutter SAC, open family office [Fox Business]

Is anyone any good at picking hedge fund managers? [The Big Picture]

Vanguard opposes petition to shorten deadline for 13F filings [ValueWalk]

How hedge funds transfer wealth from investors to managers [Forbes]

Asset managers yield to pressure on fees [Institutional Investor]

What's hurting hedge funds' performance? Their hedges (duh) [II Alpha]

Tiger Global invests $50 million in WordPress [Reuters]

Dan Loeb says Japan rally in early stages [WSJ]

Loeb's letter to Sony, arguing for a breakup [Dealbook]

Mortgages are investment du jour for hedge funds [Term Sheet]

Beware of that hedge fund in the window [Term Sheet]

Hedge funds to turn cold shoulder on advertising [Buzzfeed]

How Elliott and Hess settled a bitter proxy battle [Dealbook]

How New York hedge funds lost their shirts on Tesla [TheStreet]

Kerrisdale's Adrangi makes a killing by raiding the dodgy dealers [AFR]

Paul Tudor Jones: in macro trading, babies hurt a woman's focus [Washington Post]

Hedge fund and poker pros go heads up in Vegas [Hedge Fund Intelligence]

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