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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Larry Robbins Rare Interview on HMA, Tenet & What He Thinks About This Market

Larry Robbins' hedge fund Glenview Capital is having another big year.  This is on the heels of stellar 2012 performance as well.  Robbins made a rare media appearance on CNBC to talk about how he's looking to replace 8 board members at Health Management Associates (HMA).

Robbins on HMA

Given that Robbins has essentially gone activist here (he calls it "suggestivist"), it should come as no surprise that he's made such an appearance to drum up shareholder support for his plan.  After all, Glenview owns around 14% of the company.

While Robbins acknowledges that consolidation is a potential outcome for HMA, he notes that the company needs to line-up a better management team and become an excellent standalone company regardless.  He says,

"The companies that did well not only for our long-term portfolio, but for the long-term portfolio of all their owners, are the companies that not only took advantage of that consolidation transaction but drove their company forward with strong operations and strong use of cash flow in an opportunistic format.  The hospitals are no different, yes there were 7 large public hospital chains with yesterday's news that Tenet will buy Vanguard there are now 6, and there are absolutely key benefits not only strategic, but financial to consolidation between one or more large hospital operators.  We are absolutely open minded that that is one way to drive value, but that is not exclusive of the other way to drive value which is a very strong management team and a very strong path to independence, regardless if we (as HMA) become a division of a larger company or whether HMA goes forth on its own right."

Robbins on THC & the Stock Market Overall

In the interview, Robbins also touched on one of his other large hospital plays, Tenet Healthcare (THC).  He likes their deal for Vanguard and notes the company has made prudent decisions.

THC has been a big winner for Glenview over the past year but we highlighted how Glenview's trimmed their THC position recently.

The hedge fund manager also addressed his view on the market overall: "We are not taking risk-off, we believe this is still a very above average opportunity set for long-term investors and frankly as an industry, we all need to remind ourselves to think and act like owners."

Embedded below is the video of Robbins' CNBC appearance:

For more on this hedge fund, be sure to check out Glenview's presentation on HMA that was released today.

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