What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 8/22/13 ~ market folly

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 8/22/13

Rising markets batter short sellers [WSJ]

What has QE actually accomplished? [Mauldin Economics]

Cash is a drug for investors, redux [Abnormal Returns]

The best value investing quotes [Old School Value]

ESPN holds talks for web-based TV [Bloomberg]

Chinese search for infant formula goes global [NYTimes]

Barnes & Noble (BKS) reverses strategy in train wreck of a call [GigaOm]

8 pivotal acquisitions made by Google (GOOG) [Hongkiat]

In-depth reports on for-profit educators [Senate.gov]

Is the new Gmail killing email marketing? [BusinessWeek]

Life after Siri: Nuance's (NUAN) climb to being your digital assistant [Forbes]

On gold losing its shine [Telegraph]

Overseas investors spend $50 billion on Florida real estate [BizJournals]

JPMorgan's latest guide to markets [JPMorgan]

Newly revealed 1975 letter from Warren Buffett [Fortune]

Phone companies are winning new TV watchers, cable & satellite not so much [GigaOm]

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