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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

David Tepper: Markets Could See a 18-20x Multiple (Interview)

Appaloosa Management founder David Tepper appeared on CNBC today and gave his market thoughts.

Tepper thinks an 18-20x market multiple could be the 'new normal' while Lee Cooperman said earlier today he sees a 16x multiple.  Regardless, Tepper thinks stocks will be up next year and feels we'll see a higher multiple on the markets.

Regarding tapering, he feels that they're not going to taper for some time.  "My basic belief has been when you have this large QE, markets go up."  Generally speaking, despite the near-term uncertainty, he expects the markets to go up. 

The videos of Tepper's interview are embedded below:

Video 1 on tapering

Video 2 on interest rates

Video 3

For more hedge fund interviews, head to Lee Cooperman on the 3 stages of a bull market from earlier today.

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