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Thursday, January 30, 2014

2013 Hedge Fund Performance Numbers

Now that 2013 is over, we thought we'd aggregate how prominent hedge funds performed.  While some funds turned in solid numbers (Glenview & Appaloosa), others put in more marginal performances.

Some media members have bashed hedge fund performance, but it is worth noting that at least in the long/short equity segment this year, many of these funds captured 2/3rd's of the market upside while only being 30-40% net long.

After all, a true hedge fund is just that, hedged.  There's no question that short selling was tough in 2013 and by definition, many L/S hedge funds won't capture all the upside in big up years (like 2013).

As always, it's worth examining the entire picture (risk, exposure levels, etc) and the entire spectrum of returns.  Undoubtedly, there will be outperformers and underperformers.

Not to mention, it's probably more prudent to fixate on 3-year, 5-year, or even 10-year numbers anyways.  But in the short-term focused world, the 1-year performance number reigns.

The S&P 500 was up 29.6% in 2013.  Here's how prominent hedgies fared.

2013 Hedge Fund Performance Numbers

Glenview Capital Opportunity Fund: 84% (through end of Oct)

Appaloosa Palomino Fund: 42.1%

Bridgewater All Weather: -4%

Bridgewater Pure Alpha: 5.25%

Paulson Recovery: 63.18%

Paulson Advantage: 26.05%

Paulson Advantage Plus: 27.22%

Perry Partners: 20.25%

Pershing Square: 9.29%

Trian Partners: 40.06%

Owl Creek: 48%

Millennium: 13.07%

Visium Global: 16.93%

Eton Park: 22.3%

Children's Investment Fund: 47%

Theleme Partners: 19.41%

Whitebox MultiStrat: 18.09%

Lone Pine Cascade: 30.3%

Lone Pine Cypress: 18%

Lone Pine Dragon: 9.8%

Conatus Capital: 23.6%

Farallon: 15.3%

Matrix Capital: 56%

Elliott International: 11.6%

Discovery Global Opportunity: 27.5%

Marcato International: 26.16%

Luxor Capital: 17.6%

York Investment: 18.27%

Joho Capital: 29.46%

Lansdowne European Equity: 21.51%

Odey European: 25.78%

Kingdon Offshore: 23.69%

Passport Global: 18.98%

Passport LongShort: 19.89%

Passport Special Opportunities: 45.5%

Cobalt Offshore: 8.84%

Elm Ridge Capital: 22.28%

Eminence Capital: 14.64%

Highbridge LongShort: 15.34%

Ivory Capital: 17.07%

Ivory Enhanced Fund: 28.31%

Omega Advisors: 30.02%

Zweig-DiMenna: 17.33%

Greenlight Capital: 18.7%

Tosca Opportunity: 56%

JAT Capital: 30.6%

Tiger Global: 14%

Maverick Fund: 16.3%

Maverick Long: 32%

Hound Partners: 16%

Coatue Management: 20%

Viking Global Equities: 22.6%

Viking Long: 38.4%

Valinor Management: 23.4%

Glade Brook Capital: 19.76%

Falcon Edge Capital: 28%

Glenhill: 28.7%

Highfields Capital: 27.3%

Bridger Capital's Swiftcurrent Fund: 20.6%

White Elm Capital: 23.6%

MFP: 31.5%

Tybourne Capital: 16.04%

Fairholme: 33%

Jericho Capital: 33% (through end of Nov)

Beacon Light: 21.13%

2013 Credit Hedge Fund Performance

BlueCrest MultiStrat: 8.98%

BlueMountain LongShort Credit: 7.57%

Brevan Howard Credit Catalysts: 12.21%

Ellington Credit Opportunities: 15.55%

Kingdon Credit: 14.58%

Pine River Credit: 13.09%

Saba Capital: -3.61%

Canyon Value: 14.71%

Davidson Kempner: 19.98%

King Street: 11.43%

Monarch Debt Recovery: 16.12%

Paulson Credit Opportunities: 21.8%

Silver Point Capital Offshore: 15.88%

2013 Macro Hedge Fund Performance

Tudor BVI Global: 13.98%

Moore Global: 16.99%

Rubicon Global: 18.25%

Trend Macro: 11.88%

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