What We're Reading ~ 4/30/14 ~ market folly

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What We're Reading ~ 4/30/14

Why it's hard to win in investing [Aleph Blog]

On the flaws of human intuition [Abnormal Returns]

The importance of pricing power [Base Hit Investing]

The greatest predictor of future market returns [Philosophical Economics]

Google: The untold story of Larry Page's incredible comeback [Business Insider]

Jim Grant's case against Valeant Pharmaceuticals [Business in Canada]

An updated pitch on AIG [Barrons]

A look at Liberty Media [Weitz Investments]

Michael Kors and Kate Spade go head to head [CNBC]

Why the housing market is stalling the economy [NYTimes]

On China's economy [Economist]

Solar power burns old utilities' business models [Daily Beast]

On tech investing [Dasan]

Spain: where deflation becomes good news for headline GDP [Fistful of Euros]

Reining in predatory schools [NYTimes]

Joe Nocera on Warren Buffett [NYTimes]

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