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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Soros Fund Discloses Sinclair IS Pharma and Spansion Stakes

George Soros' family office Soros Fund Management has disclosed two new positions recently.

Sinclair Pharma

First, Soros has revealed a new stake in London listed Sinclair IS Pharma (LON:SPH).  Due to trading on May 2nd, Soros now owns 5.02% of Sinclair's voting rights.

Other notable holders of Sinclair Pharma include the Toscafund which was set up by Martin Hughes and is now managed by Johnny de la Hay with 26.8% of voting rights and Lansdowne Partners with 11.03%.

Per Google Finance, Sinclair IS Pharma is "a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on treatments in dermatology, wound care, oncology support and critical care through surface technology and delivery systems. It has presence in five European markets and a marketing partner network across developed and emerging markets."

Spansion (CODE)

Second, Soros Fund has started a new position in Spansion (CODE).  Per a 13G filed with the SEC, Soros has revealed they own 5.11% of the company with over 3 million shares.  This is a brand new position and the filing was required due to activity on April 25th.

Per Google Finance, Spansion is "a designer, manufacturer and developer of Flash memory semiconductors. The Company focuses on a portion of the Flash memory market that relates to flash memory solutions for microprocessors, controllers and other programmable semiconductors that run applications in a range of electronic systems. These electronic systems include automotive and industrial, computing and communications, consumer and gaming. In addition to flash memory products, the Company assist its customers in developing and prototyping their designs by providing software and hardware development tools, drivers and simulation models for system-level integration. Spansion’s products are designed to accommodate various voltage, interface and density requirements for a range of applications and customer platforms. Spansion's product designs are based on its two-bit-per-cell MirrorBit technology and floating gate NOR flash memory technology."

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