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Friday, May 30, 2014

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 5/30/14

Baupost Group looks to real estate, Greek bank warrants [ValueWalk]

David Einhorn's comments at Greenlight Re investor day [Santangels Review]

Lee Cooperman's presentation why equities are the place to be [ValueWalk]

Top 500 hedge funds control 99% of industry assets [Reuters]

Interview with JANA's Barry Rosenstein [Barrons]

The rise of David Tepper [Marketwatch]

Hedge funds haunted by deflation spectre [FT]

Marcato Capital urges Intercontinental Hotels to pursue merger [Dealbook]

How do hedge funds get away with it? [New Yorker]

3 reasons the New Yorker is wrong about hedge funds [Forbes]

What to expect from a hedge fund [WSJ]

Hedge funds won't make you rich [Bloomberg]

Hedge funds' investing prowess doesn't live up to billing [WSJ]

How Athenahealth's CEO met his short-seller (Einhorn) [Fortune]

Ackman said to plan public hedge fund in London [Dealbook]

Woodbine Capital said to return client money [Bloomberg]

CQS' Hintze warns on market volatility [WSJ]

The trade of the century: when George Soros broke the British Pound [Priceonomics]

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