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Friday, June 13, 2014

Julian Robertson Likes Google, Gilead Sciences: Interview

Tiger Management's Julian Robertson made his rare yearly media appearance on CNBC and talked about why investors have piled into stocks and some of his favorite equities these days.

Robertson noted that, "Bonds are so unattractive that people have no alternative to put their money... so they're jamming them into stocks.  I wonder what will happen when the bond market turns?"

Robertson continues to hold a large position in Google (GOOG) and thinks the company has such a great moat that "no one can breach it."

He also mentioned he likes Uber and uses it often.  He said he'd invest in Uber at twice the price that Google initially bought in at.

The Tiger Management founder also likes Gilead Sciences (GILD), citing their various drugs and management's ability to buy companies at good prices.  He sees cashflow ramping up from their Hepatitis C drug.

Robertson was also asked who he thinks is the best investor these days.  He replied:

"The man I respect the most in the business is probably Stan Druckenmiller.  He's just so smart and so good and so up on everything.  I think he's a fantastic investor."

Embedded below is a clip of Robertson's interview:

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