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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stan Druckenmiller's Thoughts at Delivering Alpha Conference

At CNBC and Institutional Investor's Delivering Alpha conference today, legendary investor Stan Druckenmiller shared his latest thoughts.

At the event, Druckenmiller said he can't bet as big as he used to these days.  He also noted that other investors like David Tepper and George Soros have the biggest (you know what) on Wall Street these days.

Also, he knocked IBM as a company that's spending all of its money on share buybacks instead of on innovating and this could come back to haunt them as they get passed by modern technology companies.

Regarding the latest slew of IPO's, Druckenmiller pointed out that 80% of those companies don't really have earnings.

Turning to the Fed, he also argued that the consequences of monetary policy will be a lot worse than they think and said their policy is baffling.

He thinks we have to keep dancing until the music stops, but the problem is most people won't be able to exit fast enough once it happens.

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