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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 8/27/14

Profile of Alibaba's Joseph Tsai [Bloomberg]

Carol Loomis' latest on BlackRock: the $4.3 trillion force [Fortune]

Profile of 108 year old investor Irving Kahn [Telegraph]

Lessons learned in 30 years of investing [What Works on Wall Street]

Share sleuth's investment checklist [Interactive Investor]

A look at Post Holdings [View From the Blue Ridge]

A look at WL Ross Holding Corp [Brooklyn Investor]

What makes Warren Buffett a great investor? [Farnam Street]

Amazon: not an e-commerce company [Stratechery]

The inside story of how Netflix came to pay Comcast for traffic [Quartz]

Morningstar: a force to be reckoned with [FT]

Nonprofit hospitals' earnings fall as costs outrun revenue [WSJ]

Interview with Burger King's CEO [Financial Post]

The company speeding a genetic revolution [Forbes]

Google's valuation: much cheaper now than 10 years ago [WSJ]

Family Dollar bidding war suggests 'peak dollar store' is here [Yahoo]

Match.com might not light IAC's fire [WSJ]

Peculiar habits of incredibly successful people [Morgan Housel]

Interview with venture capitalist Bill Gurley [Forbes]

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