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Friday, August 15, 2014

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 8/15/14

Update on Miura Global's latest activity [ValueWalk]

Pershing Square's latest letter [Scribd]

Latest post by Carl Icahn [Carl Icahn]

Hedge fund branding continues to drive a majority of asset flows [All About Alpha]

A better tactic for hedge fund analysis [AI CIO]

Soros' secrets: buy bubbles, bet big [Irish Times]

SEC threshold for accredited investor likely to increase [COO Connect]

S&P questions viability of hedge fund reinsurer business model [Artemis]

Searching for yield in all the wrong places [HF Intelligence]

Activism has become a marketing strategy [FT]

ValueAct says Valeant doesn't need to buy Allergan [Reuters]

Investors pay for hedge fund illusions [Bloomberg View]

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