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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

David Tepper's Latest Thoughts: Bloomberg Interview

Appaloosa Management's David Tepper sat down with Bloomberg TV today to discuss the upcoming Robin Hood Investors Conference that fights poverty in New York and to share some of his latest market thoughts.  Here are the highlights:

David Tepper's Bloomberg Interview

On his bet against bonds:  "They (ECB) haven't done any QE yet. So let them start some QE. But the beginning of the end was basically saying that when you create inflation and some inflation in the eurozone, then the bond market is going to start going down. If you don't create inflation in the eurozone of some sort or you don't stop the deflation, then that might not happen. But I do think that if they go in action, if they get in action, if they really get in action you will start creating inflation at some point in time. Until you do that, things will go where they go. And you can look at the curves over there."

On how the saying used to be "don't fight the Fed" and now it's "don't fight Draghi": "Yeah, I think that's probably right to a certain extent. I don't think you want to fight it, but you've got to understand what it's going to mean. So the extent that if he's really in action then you don't want to fight him, but he has to really get in action. You have to start QE. This negative interest rates doesn't necessarily have the effect of creating money. It doesn't necessarily have the effect of creating inflation. So if you want to do that, do that. But right now he's done nothing. So let him start."

On the US equity market multiple:  "Well I don't think it's high because if you – if you believe interest rates are 4 or 4.5 percent, 16.5 seems like about the right multiple. But I don't think we're at the 4.5 percent 10-years. We're at 2.5 percent 10-years or unfortunately 2.43 or something like that right now. And next year at 14 –"

On Fannie/Freddie:  "I wish I didn't have any investment.  And we're just – we're going to do a little bit more research and see where we stand in different courts. There's – it's – there's appeal processes for different lawsuits, so you’re not done with this particular court. You also have other courts that you’re involved in. I forget the name. The court of settlement claims or something like that.   So you have different places, different venues to – to – that you haven't brought a case yet, and also you can appeal this last decision. So I think that will go on. And then you want to see what happened exactly in this – in this judge's opinion right here. So you have to do some analysis right now to see where the securities are (inaudible) down a lot. Are they value now? Are they buy, sell, hold? That's what you have to do, reevaluate (inaudible)."

Tepper's thoughts on equities: "Well I kind of told you. Listen, it's – it's interesting on a multiple basis and – but you have to have certain things happening. You’ve got to have Europe stop – stop the nonsense, so to speak, Draghi stop the nonsense. So that's kind of it."

Embedded below is the video of Tepper's Bloomberg Television interview:

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