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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Greenlight Capital Adds To Cairn Energy Holdings

David Einhorn's hedge fund Greenlight Capital has added to its stake in London listed Cairn Energy (LON:CNE).  Due to trading on December 12th, Einhorn's fund increased its holding from 4.2% to 6.2% of voting rights. 

Most of the position is via common stock but around 12% is held via a total return swap.  Their latest shares were bought around the 160p mark.

Greenlight first disclosed a 3% in Cairn back in Mach 2012 when shares traded at around 350p.  Since then, they have gone above and below the 3% disclosure threshold a few times and then in January of this year they added shares that cost around 260p each to take the stake to 4.2%. 

For more from this manager, head to David Einhorn's most recent interview.

Per Google Finance, Cairn Energy is "an independent oil and gas exploration and development company. The Company’s operations are organised based on geographical regions. Its geographical segments include North West Europe- North Sea, Atlantic Margin-Greenland, Atlantic Margin-Morocco and the Mediterranean. The Cairn Energy Group’s operations focuses on new exploration activities in Greenland and the Mediterranean. The Company’s operating subsidiaries include Capricorn Oil Limited, Cairn UK Holdings Limited, Capricorn Energy Limited, Cairn Energy Dhangari Limited, Cairn Energy Karnali Limited, Cairn Energy Lumbini Limited, Cairn Energy Malangawa Limited, Cairn Energy Birganj Limited, Capricorn Albania Limited, Capricorn Spain Limited, Capricorn Greenland Exploration 1 Limited and Capricorn Lady Franklin Limited."

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