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Friday, December 5, 2014

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 12/5/14

The growing problem of calculating performance fees [All About Alpha]

The best hedge fund bet of 2014 is India? [CNBC]

David Einhorn's thesis on Piraeus bank warrants [ValueWalk]

Hedge funds shut down as managers struggle in year of 2% returns [Bloomberg]

Hedge vs mutual funds and the timing of information acquisition [All About Alpha]

Hedge funds seek to tie up money for longer [WSJ]

Starboard's Jeff Smith: the investor CEO's fear most [Fortune]

Appaloosa to return billions to clients [ii alpha]

Carl Icahn's latest piece: "An activist manifesto" [Economist]

Profile of Bill Ackman [NYTimes]

Summary of Kyle Bass' recent comments [Newswise]

Paulson & Co rebrands Recovery Fund [Bloomberg]

Nehal Chopra's secret to finding alpha: A-plus CEOs [ii alpha]

Tiger Global to launch internet funds [ii alpha]

Hedge funds playing buy-and-hold, and losing [CNBC]

How pensions make investing too complex [Roger Lowenstein]

In defense of hedge funds [Barrons]

US institutions' devotion to hedge funds wanes [FT]

Emerging manager series: Advantage Capital [Distressed Debt Investing]

Big investors buying stakes for hedge fund fees [Barrons]

How hedge fund managers lower their tax bills [Forbes]

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