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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 2/25/15

An interview with The Outsiders author William Thorndike [Joe Magyer]

The extraordinary story of America's most successful industry [Morgan Housel]

Howard Marks: have an approach and hold it strongly [Reformed Broker]

Observations from a decade in the investment business [Wealth of Common Sense]

What is Yahoo worth after the Alibaba spinoff? [MicroFundy]

A look at CDK Global [Scuttlebutt Investor]

The problem with intuitive investing [Wealth of Common Sense]

Profile of SC Fundamental: old school investors [Barrons]

Calculating the odds of a Comcast / Time Warner Cable deal [NYTimes]

The high cost of falling prices [Economist]

Robert Shiller's CAPE ratio recently passed its 2007 high [Twitter]

Americans are borrowing more [WSJ]

Russia's Yandex takes on Google, Android [Barrons]

Millennials ditching their TV sets at a record rate [NYpost]

Capitalism's unlikely heroes: activist investors [Economist]

Profile of one of the most important people at Apple: Jonathan Ive [New Yorker]

Amazon bought this man's company, now he's coming for them [Bloomberg]

Netflix's long-term view [Netflix]

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