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Friday, February 13, 2015

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 2/13/14

Stock picks from the Harbor Investment Conference [Business Insider]

This quiet investor has averaged 19% returns for more than a decade [Bloomberg]

Interview with Kyle Bass [RealVision] 

Lone Pine sounds alarm over tech valuations [ii alpha]

Lee Cooperman bullish despite fund loss [CNBC]

Citadel's Ken Griffin gives warning for road ahead [CNBC]

This woman is rocking the hedge fund world [CNBC]

Is gender a factor in fund performance? [FT]

Hedge funds keep winning despite losing [WSJ]

Hedge fund-backed investor puts himself up for GM board [Dealbook]

Why the smart money is running from hedge funds [Marketwatch]

Hedge funds can benefit by using captive insurance companies [Forbes]

Fund pros who live together, buy together [WSJ]

Blackstone's chief has a warning for Wall Street's entrepreneurs [Dealbook]

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