What We're Reading ~ 4/29/15 ~ market folly

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What We're Reading ~ 4/29/15

A book with a really cheesy title that supposedly 3G Capital hands out [Amazon]

More detailed notes from Charlie Munger's annual meeting part 1 & part 2 [Forbes]

A dozen things learned about investing from Peter Lynch [25iq]

The first rule of short selling is: don't talk about short selling [Dead Companies Walking]

Margin debt: a market indicator that predicts nothing [Bloomberg View]

The great bond conundrum [Economist]

Wang Jianlin - a billionaire at the intersection of business and power in China [NYTimes]

On China in Africa [Council on Foreign Relations]

Common biases that affect business decisions [HBR]

Jeff Bezos penned his annual letter [Amazon]

The biggest threat to your portfolio [Reformed Broker]

Examining Einhorn's latest investment: AerCap Holdings [Value and Opportunity]

A look at Windstream [J.Allen Capital]

The cable era is over [Bloomberg View]

A profile of billionaire banker Andy Beal [Bloomberg]

Homeownership rate falls to lowest since 1993 [HousingWire]

The slow death of the University [Chronicle]

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