What We're Reading ~ 5/20/15 ~ market folly

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What We're Reading ~ 5/20/15

James Montier on the idolatry of interest rates [GMO]

Finding the limitations in your investment process [Wealth of Common Sense]

How the dollar store war was won [Fortune]

A dozen things learned about investing from Jean-Marie Eveillard [25iq]

Aerospace climbs into a supercycle [Investors]

Make fewer decisions [Above the Market]

Speaking the language of risk [NYTimes]

Numbers showing India has a ways to go to become the next China [WSJ]

A pitch on Flowserve [Seeking Alpha]

Why Barron's is misleading on Windstream [MicroFundy]

How aging millennials will affect technology consumption [WSJ]

Web usage doubles in a decade thanks to tablets/smartphones [zdnet]

Razor thin profits cutting into newspapers' chances at innovation [NiemanLab]

At Chobani, rocky road from startup status [WSJ]

Dolby hopes to lure movie fans back with theater of future [SFGate]

Debit card data theft via ATM on the rise [Pyments]

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