What We're Reading ~ 7/15/15 ~ market folly

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What We're Reading ~ 7/15/15

The Devil's Financial Dictionary [Jason Zweig]

Discovery Communications and the uncertain future of pay TV [Punch Card]

Charlie Munger's favorite life hack [Business Insider]

Profile of Pat Dorsey [Barrons]

The single most important element to successful investing [The Felder Report]

Single sentence investing philosophies [Morgan Housel]

In defense of corn, the world's most important crop [Washington Post]

A pitch on Cimpress (CMPR) [ValueConferences]

Decoding China's swoon and its impacts [Going Long]

Little known French billionaire circles US cable market [WSJ]

Drahi's American cable dream faces harsh reality [WSJ]

Netflix and the conservation of attractive profits [Stratechery]

Aldi and Lidl are ready to invade the US, beware Walmart & Target [Forbes]

Leon Black's sell-everything call has been heard by his rivals [Bloomberg]

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