What We're Reading ~ 9/9/15 ~ market folly

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What We're Reading ~ 9/9/15

The long road of proving yourself as an investor [Morgan Housel]

On the importance of journaling your investment thoughts [Safal Niveshak]

Prices have changed, not much else has changed [Aleph Blog]

Charts summarizing recent economic activity [Calafia Beach Pundit]

China to face tough economic conditions for up to 10 years [Nikkei Asian Review]

The case for keeping US interest rates low [FT]

A play on the student loan bubble: short Navient [SumZero]

Charter: John Malone's return to the US cable industry [Punch Card Blog]

Patrick Drahi positions himself to be a player in US cable [NYTimes]

Cable box rentals: a needless $19 billion industry [The Atlantic]

Is the high cost of live sports a tipping point? [Bloomberg]

James Tisch lecture on value investing [ValueWalk]

How the average US consumer spends their paycheck [CreditLoan]

Coming soon: Millennials married with children [WSJ]

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