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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blair Levinsky Short High Liner Foods: Sohn Canada Presentation

We're posting up notes from the Sohn Canada Investment Conference 2015 (Capitalize For Kids.)  Next up is Blair Levinsky from Waratah Capital Advisors who pitched a short of High Liner Foods.

Blair Levinsky's Capitalize For Kids Presentation

-    Questions:
o    What is the situation?
o    Why does it exist?
o    How is it going to change?

-    Crowding in non-resource equities
-    Hot IPO market, expensive food companies
-    Short High Liner Foods (TSE:HLF)
-    Customers such as Walmart, McDonalds for seafood
-    Have seen growth in sales and EBITDA yet volumes have declined 13 quarters in a row, margins have compressed.
-    Attempting to bail themselves out of the mess through acquiring companies with debt.
-    Now they are overlevered and have bad businesses to run
-    Through analysis of the cash flow statement it looks like realized incremental EBITDA/Capex+acqusitions+NWC inv. Between 2011 and 2014 imply average acquisition price of 13.3x multiple which is very high for industry
-    High Liner claims to have a 30% pay out ratio but have averaged -$40MM in FCF for the last 5 years but have been increasing the dividend payout for the large family shareholder who likes dividends
-    Current earnings are $71MM (without adjustments), have told the street they will see $150MM in EBITDA in 2016, difficult to manage given lack of balance sheet flexibility and inability to drive cost cuts

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