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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pennant Capital Reduces Universal Stainless & Alloy Stake

Alan Fournier's hedge fund firm Pennant Capital has filed an amended 13G with the SEC regarding its position in Universal Stainless & Alloy (USAP).  Pennant now owns 9.9% of the company with 703,219 shares. 

This is down from the 1.14 million USAP shares they owned at the end of the second quarter.  The filing was made due to activity on October 21st.

As we've highlighted previously, Pennant has been slowly trimming its USAP stake for a while now and shares are down around 56% over the past six months.

Per Google Finance, Universal Stainless & Alloy "manufactures and markets semi-finished and finished specialty steel products, including stainless steel, nickel alloys, tool steel and certain other alloyed steels. The Company's manufacturing process involves melting, remelting, heat treating, hot and cold rolling, forging, machining and cold drawing of semi-finished and finished specialty steels. The Company's products are sold to service centers, forgers, rerollers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and wire redrawers. The Company also performs conversion services on materials supplied by customers. The Company's products are manufactured in a range of grades and melt qualities, including argon oxygen decarburization (AOD), electro-slag remelted (ESR), vacuum induction melting (VIM) and vacuum-arc remelted (VAR)."

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