Third Point Ups Short in Peugeot ~ market folly

Monday, October 5, 2015

Third Point Ups Short in Peugeot

Dan Loeb's hedge fund firm Third Point has recently filed disclosures with the French regulatory body regarding a short position.  Per the filing, Third Point is now short 1.01% of Peugeot's shares in France as of September 24th.

This is up from the 0.98% of shares they were short on September 23rd.  As we've previously highlighted, Viking Global is also short Peugeot (though they've been trading around the position as of late).  Viking's last disclosure shows them short 0.99% of shares as of the end of September, down from as high as 1.52% of shares in the middle of the month.

Given the volatility in markets as of late, we're providing updates on various hedge fund short positions.  You can scroll through them all by clicking here: hedge fund short positions.

 You can view additional portfolio activity from Third Point here.

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